NEW MENU!! Murasawa Sirloin Steak Set (新メニュー 幻の村沢牛サーロインステーキセット)

  shishin   1月 22, 2016   news   NEW MENU!! Murasawa Sirloin Steak Set (新メニュー 幻の村沢牛サーロインステーキセット) はコメントを受け付けていません

BEST Beef in Japan!!

better than KOBE beef…日本最高级高档牛排!(比神户牛更高一档)

MURASAWA Sirloin Steak Course (A5)



税抜10000 円(JPY) tax excluded

税别 10000日元


  1. 6 kind assortment of appetizers 前菜6種盛り合わせ 六种小菜拼盘

(Boiled green soybeans, cream cheese with Japanese pepper, Grilled mushrooms with

soy sauce and butter, and 3 kind of traditional appetizers)

  1. Kyoto miso soup 京味噌汁 京味增汤
  2. Original organic salad 有機野菜のサラダ 有机蔬菜沙拉
  3. MURASAWA Sirloin Steak with fried potatoes and vegetables 村沢牛サーロインステーキ (150g) 村泽牛腰牛排(150克)配薯条蔬菜
  4. Steak sauce (soy sauce with wasabi, salt and BBQ sauce) わさび醤油、お塩、特製BBQソース付き 芥末酱油、盐、特制BBQ酱
  5. Rice bowl ご飯 白米饭
  6. Original desert (Homemade tiramisu with green powdered tea & Ice cream) 手作り抹茶ティラミス&アイスクリーム 手制抹茶提拉米苏配冰淇淋

MURASAWA Beef is called the phantasmal meat in Japan. Usually, cow moos in the cow house because of stress. However, MURASWA beef is raised carefully on the tatami (straw) mat. Therefore, the cow house is so quiet. Please enjoy this best beef in Japan. It melts in your mouth!!892eba6a0a225a5affb919d20a40ef9c1


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